Hot pizza with melty cheese, homemade sauce, perfectly baked crust and delicious toppings.


Salads & Sides


Fresh, light, and always tasty salads. 

Also try our garlic bread, cheesesticks, and dessert.

Subs & Wraps


Subs and wraps can be made either hot or cold. There are so many options, but you can't go wrong!

Italian Dinners


Our homemade sauce and recipes have been handed down from generation to generation to provide you an authentic taste of Italy.


South of the Border


Melted cheese, enchilada sauce, and Mexican flavors with beef or chicken. What's not to love!






Lunch Hours

Monday thru Friday

 10:30a - 2:00p


Pizza by the Slice $1.50!

(Lunch Only)


Gift Cards Available